Quality Service with Projects
Prepared in Global Standards

Project Management and Consulting Services

As Kare Bilişim, we plan and manage our projects designed in Data Center and IT fields in accordance with global standards, with proven management systems and methodologies. In information technology project management, we follow the steps such as acting in accordance with the strategies of the institution or organization that we work with, conducting effective analysis and planning, determining the start and end times of the project, and establishing coordination and interaction in a healthy manner.

As Kare Information Technologies, we provide project services such as risk management, scope management, procurement management, integration management, quality management, communication management, human resources management and cost management. In the implementation stages of the projects, we complete the control process with the correct observations and inspections and we perform all the steps to be carried out in the field of IT project management in the most accurate, complete and effective manner.

Leed Certification Service

LEED Certificate, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a sustainable green building certification created by the United States Green Building Council.

There are certain criteria for obtaining a Leed Certificate. These criteria have a certain form of rating. LEED certification has four levels: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

LEED certification levels can be achieved by gaining 40-49 points for Certified, 50-59 points for Silver, 60-79 points for Gold, 80 points and over for Platinum.

LEED certification aims for ensuring energy efficiency, carrying out energy production and consumption economically, achieving the highest level in water efficiency, ensuring the sustainability of renewable energy sources, implementing environmentally friendly urban transformation projects and that the development activities are in favor of not only human beings but of all living things.