Our Experience Over 20 Years,
Together With Quality.

About us

As Kare Bilişim, we have strengthened our place in the industry with our 20+ years of experience, expert staff and innovative solutions, in our journey we started in the field of information technologies in 1997. In this journey, we continue to make a name for Kare Bilişim with the new brands we have incorporated, industry-leading solution partners we work with and with our successful projects.

We offer our customers the most functional solutions with data center design, integration and infrastructure solutions, advanced technology services in electronic security systems and 24/7 uninterrupted customer support.

With Akare Security Systems, which became a part of the Kare Bilişim family in 2003, we expanded our service network with our services on electronic security systems and weak current systems, and we offer our customers solutions that are certified with global standards. We started to provide technical support solutions by including Kademe Bilişim into Kare Group in 2006 to offer uninterrupted business continuity to our customers. In addition to operational maintenance and support, business continuity solutions and data center infrastructure solutions, we provide data center testing and startup services to our customers with Kademe Bilişim.

We aim to be a private solution partner for your company with our wide high-end service portfolio, strong business partners and uninterrupted customer support, and we prepare your special projects with meticulous care. We strive to achieve greater success by increasing the quality of our solutions day by day without losing the team spirit of our growing brand.

Why Kare?

We analyze the needs of our customers with our professional team and develop customized solutions and projects at international standards.
From design and installation to maintenance and support, optimization and renewal, we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of services at every stage of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.
We are working with a dynamic team of certified experts who constantly keep themselves up-to-date with the awareness of next generation Information Technologies.
We provide support and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our expert team working within our own organization.

We work with global brands and partners, each pioneering and strong in their own fields.
In the light of our national and international certificates that we have and the standards we apply at every stage of our organizational structure, we serve to our customers in line with global standards.