Your Data Centers are
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Next Generation Data Center Solutions

One of the most important elements of the technological age is to perform data security and data storage processes in digital environments with high quality. Your data should be stored in a proper environment to ensure safe and uninterrupted business continuity. Data center allows all the data of your company to be collected and stored in one place. As Kare Bilişim, we develop the data center solutions you need with our experience of more than 20 years. We guarantee your company's data security with certificates that meet world standards. We build your data centers with state-of-the-art hardware for business continuity, durability and fast processing.

Modular Data Center, Data Center Migration and Modernization

As your company’s business grows, your data center infrastructure may become insufficient for your needs or you may need to move your data center system. Modular data center systems allow you to move your information from one place to another or distribute the existing information. As Kare Bilişim, we are developing solutions that will allow your data to be relocated without being damaged during migration, thanks to our expert staff and modular data center solutions that your company needs.

As Kare Bilişim, in addition to our portable data center designs, we also provide services for the migration of the centers we develop or of your already existing data center. Data center migration is laborious and requires extensive project management and methodology. As Kare Bilişim, we are developing methods that comply with the current standards in order to ensure the continuity of your service with our experienced staff and comprehensive planning to prevent your business from being interrupted or your data from getting damaged.