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Project Design to Installation

Data Center Services

Data center is where all the hardware that enables the collection, storage, processing and distribution of large data is gathered in a single center. Data center size and capacity varies according to the size of the work to be done and the data to be processed. It is necessary to plan the data center system to be established properly in order to ensure secure data exchange in data center systems and to ensure uninterrupted business continuity in these centers. In the data center areas that will host many servers, there should be no dusty, humid, excessively hot or cold environment. In order to create a suitable environment in the data center areas, the servers are located, the hardware is installed and the tests are done in a careful and meticulous way by experts. An incorrectly planned and outdated data center can slow down your business or cause your services to stop completely.

As Kare Bilişim, we offer solutions for all your data center related needs together with our experience in information technologies, our expert staff in the field and our leading solution partners in the industry. We provide you with fast, safe and meticulously prepared data center solutions at every stage from the design, analysis, installation and integration to testing and startup of the data center system you want to install or renew.

Design and Planning

As Kare Bilişim, we create designs that comply with international standards by taking your needs and growth targets into consideration and by using global measurement and analysis techniques for data center systems.

With our expert staff, our experience in the field of information technologies and our industry-leading solution partners, we are developing meticulously crafted data center designs that are tailored to your goals.

For the data center that we will establish for you, we make designs using the most widely accepted analyzes efficiently such as CDF (Computational Fluid Dynamics), PUSE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and DCIE (Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency).

We budget the designs by creating conceptual or detailed designs in accordance with the data center type you want. We visualize the design we plan for your data center needs with CAD Revit drafts.

After all these processes, we submit the data center system that we prepared by performing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis to test the conformity of your data center design with the standards.