Up-to-date Services with Uninterrupted
Support and Periodic Maintenance

Business Continuity and Managed Services

As Kare Bilişim, we offer periodic maintenance service, customer service and call management services to ensure continuous efficiency in the services and solutions we offer. Thanks to our periodic and preventive maintenance services, we ensure that your data centers are always up to date and ready for any possible danger. We are at your side whenever you need with customer service that responds to your calls 24/7.

Periodic and Preventive Maintenance Service

As Kare Bilişim, we periodically provide planned maintenance and support services to ensure uninterrupted business continuity and to prevent potential dangers and threats to your data center, critical infrastructure and systems.

With the Service Level Agreements (SLA) we have established in this context, we produce flexible and effective solutions in areas such as the quality and quantity of services, intervention and problem solving time, and spare parts status, in line with the demands, needs and criticality of the operations of our customers.

IT/Information systems, critical in nature, can only make a real contribution if high performance and uninterrupted operation as well as important investments are present.

Ensuring the service continuity of IT structures is possible with the success of technical support services. As Kare Bilişim, we provide independent services on a wide range, from basic installation services to complex integration services.

We offer intervention and solution options that can best meet our customers’ business needs.